When one thinks of ice hockey, they do not consider the health dangers lurking inside, but the capability of it to cool down their drink through a hot summer day. But you'd be shocked just how many dreadful things are located in one block of ice. Fortunately, there are a lot of security mechanisms responsible for preventing the contamination, but the majority of individuals do not care about it till it is already too late.

We've covered any potential risks so that you are able to avoid or stop bad things from happening to you, your loved ones, or anybody who gets in touch with the ice coming out of the machine.


As you may have guessed, various kinds of bacteria are located in an ice cube. The main reason why some huge food chains have a issue with polluted ice is the absence of cleanliness and inconsistent upkeep. Fortunately, tap water is very seldom infected with these pathogens that you do not need to think about getting some of these in your home, provided that you follow some simple hygiene principles.

The most significant things that you need to do in order to prevent such situations would be to use gloves, use a scoop, and frequently clean your device. If you would like more detailed directions, read our managing hints post.


Whenever there's humidity there's also mould; it is an inevitable event. But, freezing temperatures do stop mould from forming, however, the difficulty occurs when ice machines have been often switched off. Actually, some kinds of mold may arise only a few hours after the device was closed off. The clearest solution for preventing the development is both regular and thorough maintenance.

If your device was away for a certain time, be certain that you wash it as best possible. Remember, wiping the system using a moist cloth for a few minutes does not mean it is entirely clean. In reality, it most certainly is not. The accent is on the term "thorough." If you feel you are incapable of cleaning it entirely, do not be afraid to engage an expert to do it for you. It can cost you a little bit of cash, but it is well worth every cent because your wellbeing is in question.

Dirty Hands Carry Horrible Things

The number one reason behind polluted ice hockey is filthy hands; there is no question about it. You may have a tradition of washing hands before each meal, but you barely clean your hands prior to placing ice in your drink. As a result, the instant that you place your dirty hands to the ice manufacturer and also grab a few cubes, then you have likely infected the entire batch.

The solution sounds easy, but it is among the most difficult things for folks to get accustomed to. You've got a few potential choices. The first one would be to maintain a sanitizer in your kitchen counter tops and use it each single time you take ice out of the device. It is safe to say that it is pretty unlikely you will do that. The other solution is to use an ice scoop and then wash it on a normal basis. It is a more convenient way, but you can't ever be sure it is 100% tidy. Using gloves can also be the least expensive way and also the easiest to get accustomed to.

Words of Consolation

After reading this guide, you're most likely scared to utilize ice hockey ever before contemplating the probable consequences. The majority of these germs can not go beyond our immune system and trigger any substantial harm. On the flip side, those who have a weaken immune system for any reason should take care of the hygiene levels from the kitchen.

It does not take much to shield yourself from these poisonous items; it is merely a matter of customs. When you become accustomed to doing this, you won't even consider it, and you will do it automatically. In the conclusion of the day, one's wellness is the main thing to take into account.